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Donate A Turkey For Those in Need.

Oct 27, 2022 By

Everyone wants to have a happy holiday season – no matter what holiday they celebrate. At the Green Apple Pantry we give each family a “holiday” meal box with all the trimmings and that always includes a turkey for dinner. Could you help us make a family have a memorable holiday season in 2022?

“We love to help others celebrate and feel love together during the holiday season,” executive director Nancy Cromley said. “Our goal is that every single family that comes to our door can leave with a box of goodies that can help create those special memories.”

If you would like to donate funds for the Green Apple Pantry to help others during the 2022 holiday season, please donate here. The cost of a Turkey this season is around $30 each as a reference.

At The Green Apple we seek to improve the lives of our community, by providing nourishment to our neighbors in need, supplying them with healthy food and personal items; as well as tools of empowerment. Our goal is to assist our neighbors in nourishing them in – mind, body and soul.

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