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A Hub and Spokes Model Mission: The Pantry

May 20, 2015 By Mission, Pantry, Hungry

We’re on a Mission!

The Pantry is the hub of our reality; all our other services are spokes, which radiate out from that center. This applies not only to our history and our present circumstances, but it will remain to be true in the future no matter what other services we take on.

The Pantry is the reason for which nearly all of our neighbors initially come see us. Since the Pantry is at the center of our existence it has the prominent place in our logo. The color orange is warm and inviting. Paired with the Apple Green it creates a focal point and immediately tells the viewer what this is.

We have been moving towards calling ourselves the Pantry or the Community Food Pantry for 2 years and shorter is always better from a marketing point of view. Not mentioning our dominant geographical area, as it pertains to the Pantry Network, in our logo and name doesn’t mean we don’t have a service area. The idea that we needed to mention the area of south east Kent County as part of our name was coming from a sense of who we are in the context of the Access Pantry Network. By feeling tethered to geography in naming ourselves we were succumbing to a game of ‘Insider Baseball’ meaning that it only meant something to those inside the Network or in the metaphor within the game of baseball.

Additionally, we shortened our tagline from Feeding the Hungry: Mind, Body and Soul to Feeding mind, body & soul. The Hungry are implied in the need for Feeding and was redundant. The new tagline will be easier to remember and become more than just something written on the side of a truck as it is remembered, visualized and repeated daily.

The Pantry. Feeding Mind, Body & Soul. 2015

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