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The Journey Begins: New Building Purchase Agreement Signed

May 12, 2015 By new-building

The day is steadily approaching when The Pantry will move to its new location. At the end of April, we signed the Purchase Agreement for a 22,300 square foot building located at 5308 S. Division Ave. The building has ‘great bones,’ as the kids these days say. Structurally the building is very sound and has a newer roof. A great deal of work is needed: heating and cooling systems need updated or replaced and a build out of offices and classrooms is also greatly needed, but it is all very doable.

We aren’t sure how long it might take to get ‘moved’ into the new building, much of that will be determined by inspections, which are scheduled for May. Also, just how quickly we can raise the funds to get the renovations done will be a factor.

The build out will likely take place in 3 phases. Phase 1 will focus on demolition and systems repair and updating. Replacement of windows and additional insulation will be important as well before any HVAC updates can be made. Phase 2 will include the northernmost section of the building, which will be devoted to The Pantry and its related offices and storage. Additionally, the middle portion of the building, with a full, commercial kitchen, general banquet/mixed use area and classrooms will be roughed and possibly finished during this phase. Phase 3 will include classrooms, play areas (indoor and outdoor) and offices for a day care program and other offerings for young children.

We are hoping that these months of inspections and repairs run concurrent with donations to fund each phase and that we can move into this building in a timely matter. As to a timeline, we will need to entrust that to God, the inspectors and the donors. Thank you all for your support as we look to step out of our nest of 30 years at John Knox Presbyterian and begin our first solo flight as a growing non-profit.

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