Classes & Education

Teaching as a Tool for Transforming Lives

The Pantry’s vision depends on the premise that education plays a key role in breaking the cycle of generational and endemic poverty in the community. Teaching children to love reading is a gift that will last a lifetime and beyond. Healthy lifestyle choices and eating fresh grown food lead to wellness and financial savings that can help build assets, a necessary part of exiting poverty.

Farm to Pantry

Offered each summer, the Farm to Pantry class teaches neighbors about gardening, cooking, food systems, and more. Participants meet once a week for three months and bring home a wealth of knowledge, as well as, fresh Michigan produce. To learn more, contact Heather Armstrong at 616.455.9411 Ext 3 or via email at

Summer Reading Hour

In conjunction with meal times for Meet Up and Eat Up, scheduled when school is not in session, The Pantry offers a reading hour each day at noon. For more information, call 616.455.9411 or email

Summer Book Distribution

Each Friday during Meet Up and Eat Up season, we offer a weekly book giveaway for children ages 0-18. Each book is for the child to keep- children could form quite a little library if they come all summer long.

Cooking/Health Classes

The Pantry partners with Spectrum Health, the YMCA, MSU Extension and others to offer classes in:

The dates and times of those classes will be posted to our Event Calendar as they become available.

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