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The Green Apple Pantry Team

Nancy Cromley, Executive Director

Nancy comes to The Green Apple with an extensive background in nonprofit leadership. From working with young parents at Early Head Start of Kent County, to serving seniors at Senior Neighbors and finally with senior HUD housing. Nancy and her husband have 3 grown daughters and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys travel and all outdoor activities but spending time with her grandchildren brings her the greatest joy. She has always had a passion for service to others and is happy to be sharing her passion with The Green Apple Pantry neighbors and their volunteers.


Phone: 616.455.9411 Ext 4

Email: nancycromley@thegreenapplepantry.org



Kilian Roach, Neighbor’s Choice Pantry Manager

Roach completed her academic journey at Grand Valley State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Studies with a focus on Sustainability and Environmental Justice. In addition to her involvement with the Green Apple Pantry, Kilian remains engaged with the West Michigan community through her participation in the Grand Rapids Climate Coalition. During her leisure time, she enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of nature, exploring her creativity, or indulging in a good book.

Phone: 616.455.9411 Ext 1

Email: kilianroach@thegreenapplepantry.org





The Green Apple Pantry Board of Directors

Su Hood | Board Chair
-Started September 2019

Su Hood hails originally from England although has lived in the United States for 40 years! Su had worked in England, Kenya and now calls Grand Rapids  her home. She has worked extensively with people who experience mental illness and also as a advocate in Probate Court. Finally retired Su continues to work with individuals advocating for housing and food on the table.


Maureen (Mollie) Hackman | Vice Chair
-Started September 2019

Mollie has been with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for 25 years and currently works as a Client Operations Manager. She has two adult children and two grandsons (8 and 13). Hackman likes traveling (Caribbean is a favorite), making memories with family and friends and reading. She is passionate about the Green Apple Food Pantry because having good, healthy food available is essential. I grew up in Kentwood and want to make my community a better place.


Michael Schaper | Treasurer
-Started February 2022

Michael is an Indiana native who relocated to Grand Rapids to further his career with Old Kent Bank. After Old Kent Bank was acquired, he moved onto Farmers and Hastings Mutual Insurance Companies, working in IT project management. He held several positions within the company and retired as an application development director. He enjoys working and educating neighbors and has found a passion in volunteering at the Green Apple Pantry and stop the struggles of food insecurity. Schaefer also assists the GAP with technology needs.


Doreen Dill | Secretary
-Started December 2021

Doreen is a retired RN/case manager having owned her own consulting business for 35+ years before retiring in 2017. Since 1982 she has volunteered in various non-profit organizations centered around healthy foods, such as Chef and Child, Kids’ Food Basket [15 years] and since The Green Apple Pantry since 2018. As an RN she understands the importance of not only healthy eating for children during their formative years, but also for families as a whole who need a healthy lifestyle to offset future illnesses.


Julie Ann Lubbers | Board Member
-Started August 2022

Julie is a part-time RN, full-time Chef’s Wife, and dabbler in fiction. Enjoy gardening, rock hunting, thrift store shopping, and hiking with our two dogs that are often mistaken for hairy monsters. She has a passion for gourmet food on a thrift store budget. Everyone deserves to eat, but Julie believes everyone deserves to eat well. That means not just healthy food, but also delicious food made with quality ingredients. That requires education, creativity, and organizations like the Green Apple Pantry.


Becky Stein-Wells | Board Member
-Started June 2022


Lorna Spiekerman | Board Member
-Started August 2022

After 40-plus years of nursing and risk management, Lorna is grateful to continue working with an organization that values the influence of body, mind, and spirit on our health and sense of well-being. She is committed to demonstrating this gratefulness through serving on the board of directors at the Green Apple Pantry.

Ben Risinger | Board Member
-Started January 2023

Ben loves people, is a marketing and public relations communicator and a part-time college professor. He is a former resident of Grand Rapids (2013-2022) who now resides in Indianapolis, Ind. He volunteers at the Park Place Food Pantry in Anderson, Ind. on Thursday nights and continues to assist the Green Apple Pantry with outreach to the community. Risinger believes that everyone deserves to eat and that we should educate the public more about nutrition and healthy living.

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