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When you give to The Green Apple, you can rest assured that we have minimized our costs and put the needs of those who come through our doors for help before all else. In fact, our efficient use of limited resources is why MiBiz Magazine selected us as the 2015 recipient of the Best-Managed Nonprofit Award.,-the-pantry-fine-tunes-service-model,-explores-new-opportunities


The Pantry offers several ways to donate

Covid – 19 We Need Your Help!!

Looking to help The Green Apple during the Covid-19 pandemic? The best way to do this, is through monetary donations. This will ensure that we will be able to meet all operating and food needs of the neighbors who are dependent on our services.

Make A Donation Today

Donate by “shopping” The Green Apple’s Virtual Store

Would you like to see exactly how far your dollar can go when supporting the Pantry? Donate through The Green Apple’s virtual store by filling your cart with the food items our families need. Our partnership with Feeding America West Michigan allows us to purchase products at discounted bulk rates, stretching your dollar further and feeding more families. A donation of $25 can feed an entire family for one week. A $1 donation provides 10 pounds of fresh apples to those in need.

Share a Share CSA Program Donation

Please consider purchasing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share as a donation for families. Another option called, ‘Share a Share’ involves buying a share, using half a share for your home and donating the other half to The Green Apple. Pick up would be at The Green Apple on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on the day the CSA is delivered.
Donate Today

Join our Monthly Giving Club

The Green Apple needs your help to meet the rising costs of providing services. The best way to help is with a monthly donation. Join our monthly giving club. If you haven’t given via the on-line portal before, take a brief moment to fill out the First Time User info. After you have completed the registration form simply click on Scheduled Giving, enter when you would like the gift to be withdrawn and then give your card or checking information. Click Active Schedule and you’re done. It’s that easy!
Donate Monthly

Make a One-Time Donation

A donation can be made, for any amount without having to create a log-in by following this link:
Make A One-Time Donation

To Donate by Check

Your donation check can be made out to The Green Apple and mailed to us at p.o. box 8124, Kentwood, MI 49518.

Giving Tuesday

The Green Apple will provide assistance to over 2,000 families this holiday season. #GivingTuesday is an opportunity for you to help our neighbors. Be the reason our neighbors give thanks this year!! Click link below to make a donation today.


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