A large pile of fresh vegitables on a cutting board.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Aug 29, 2018 By

This summer has been hot and dry, but farms and small gardens continue to produce ample amounts of the best foods on Earth!  Tomatoes, squash, corn, peppers, cucumbers, and more brighten our day at The Pantry.  Each week The Pantry is so blessed to see fresh produce coming through the doors for our neighbors!

Through the partnerships the Fresh Market has with local CSA growers Green Wagon Farms and Chimney Creek Farms we are able to offer locally grown fruits and vegetables at a greatly reduced price to our community.  Our Fresh Market hits the road every Friday to visit two nearby apartment complexes helping greater improve access to the fresh, healthy options our neighbors have shared they need.  Quite often, we run low on produce like onions, corn, tomatoes, and melon because people just cannot get enough of them! Read full post

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