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Patiently Waiting

Dec 31, 2018 By
The Pantry’s new home, we can’t wait to move in!

Have you ever been handed a cup of coffee or a fresh from the oven pizza and been told “Be careful, it’s hot”, then you take a drink or a bite anyhow and quickly regret it?  I did that last weekend and burned the roof of my mouth on some hot, melted cheese. 

Patience is a virtue, they say, but one that I think many of us, myself especially, can struggle with.  Since we provided our last regular services in September and have been waiting for our new space to be remodeled, I have struggled a lot.  Nothing seemed to be happening quite fast enough for me and based on the number of people who drop in when they see us in the building, reach out on Facebook, call, or email to learn about our progress, I would guess that this process isn’t happening fast enough for our volunteers, neighbors, and partners in the community either. 

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