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Community Supported Agriculture: A Great New Way to Give

May 3, 2016 By

We’ve tried a couple of different things over the years: container gardening and community gardening in particular. This year we are going to ‘let the professionals’ handle it. Container gardens will continue to be part of our offerings here, but we are taking a hiatus from the Community Garden as the CSA are more cost-effective.

This spring we will be working directly with Hope Farms (a ministry of Bethlehem Christian Refugee Services). Their CSA Farm hires recently resettled refugees to work on their 5 acre farm, producing quality, weekly produce shares to be sold in the community. The partnership, works for both Hope Farms and The Pantry in a number of ways. First, many of the neighbors who come to The Pantry for help are former or current clients of Bethany Christian Services (several even work at the farms). Second, fresh local produce at an affordable price provides our neighbors with essential ingredients for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Third, all of the money spent flows back into the community, supporting 2 great champions of the poor and needy, while building the individuals and helping them to acclimate to their new country.

20+ week farm shares are available for our Pantry families for the 2016 growing season. It has never been easier for our donors to provide those in need with freshly harvested fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Please consider purchasing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share as a donation for families: $250 for a half share (avg 7 lbs of produce each week) or $475 for a full share (avg 15 lbs each week). Another option called, ‘Share a Share’ involves buying a full share, using a half share for your home and donating the other half to a Pantry family (pick up would be at The Pantry on Wednesday or Thursday).

Please click donate above to purchase a bountiful CSA share!

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