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Welcome Fall

Oct 13, 2020 By

I love this time of year! The cool crisp autumn days and beautiful fall colors refresh my soul.

I am thankful to live in Michigan where we embrace and celebrate the change of seasons.

In March when we were looking forward to the season of spring, Covid took over our every thought. Our lives changed very quickly, and The Green Apple executed a pivot. These changes remain in effect today as we continue to serve our neighbors with grace. We have been very fortunate to acquire new resources for food and have been able to meet all the food needs of this community. My staff has been outstanding, stepping up when necessary and creating opportunities for us to remain as essential workers.

A few weekends ago we held our first Harvest Event in our new garden, Neighborhood Roots. This event took the place of our largest fundraiser, and although we did not raise quite as much money as years past, we are considering it a success. It was a beautiful weekend, warm and sunny and a wonderful time to showcase our garden. I am thankful for the community support as this ensures that we can continue our mission of serving our neighbors in need. Please know that if you missed this event you can still lend your financial support by clicking the link HERE.

Many of our volunteers have stopped in to say Hello, we love seeing you and miss what once was. As we continue to see the seasons come and go, please know you are always welcome, we would love to see you again and share what is happening at The Green Apple.

Stay Safe and Healthy,




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